Sunday, 18 April 2010

Busy doing nothing

Wow, maybe all the volcanic ash has swept all the clouds and the winter away?!

Had a lovely sunny day, starting off with a lovely lie in and a laze around with Fish while he did some e-jobs. Then hoiked myself off for a 5km run around Brixton. Starting to feel the benefit of running more regularly. My time is improving, and I don't feel quite so deathly.

Then flittered around for the afternoon sorting and addressing a bit of my CIM while Charlie wrote and Norris joined us for some computer jobs she had to do. During the flittering I sorted out all the empty boxes that have been cluttering up the spare room, and also found a pink ribbon (see below).

Then hung out in the Duke of Edinburgh beer garden, subtly enjoying no planes flying overhead. Afterwards we went to Norris' house where we ate pizza, listened to Tori Amos, Charlie wrote, and Norris taught me how to felt (results below).

All in all, a brill weekend! Even looking forward to tomorrow, though roll on 3 day weekend season ;)

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