Saturday, 24 April 2010

A Good Neighbour and Domestic Bliss?

Went round to join the Gateley Road gang in their chat with the council yesterday evening, and they were very friendly. Jamie from the Council seemed smarty and helpful, but it is just so hard to prove anything when large rubbish gets left in the middle of the night.

Then headed off to the V&A to see the Quilts exhibion, so beautiful! Not too keen on the modern ones, but the historical quilts were just fabulous, such sumptuous flowing patterns. Then cam back home to tackle the lounge ... another rearranging!

Today spent all day on the ensuite bathroom, which has been in a bit of a state for a while now. Though bathrooms take so much time, resealing, whitening the grout etc. But it is nearly done.

Fi came round in the afternoon as she was staying overnight, really lovely to see her, and we went to Andrew's for dinner and a game of 'The Hustings' in preparation for election day.

Feeling nervous about having said I would join my work colleagues watching the marathon tomorrow given that the is so much to do on the house and my CIM. Perhaps better to duck out rather than spend the day worrying.

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