Saturday, 17 April 2010

Sunny Saturday

Yes, the sunshine is still so joyous it deserves to be in the title :)

Had a lovely lie in, and met with Veronica and Rachel at UK Aware. Still not quite as good as two years ago at the Barbican, but still interesting (especially the guy having a massive go at the banking industry). And had a relaxing pub lunch with Veronica.

Then pootled up to Holloway Road to check out Vivien of Holloway's dresses in anticipation of Miranda's wedding. Still in two minds, though they are beautiful!

So far, 3 people I know have been affected by the flight ban. Alex (who was going to Washington), Kirsten (also headed towards the States) and Liam (spending an unexpected second week in South Africa). I just hope that it doesn't expand to 5 people, as Theresa and Charlie are booked to go to Austin, TX, on Wednesday to see David.

Tomorrow need to address my CIM backlog, whilst perhaps making time for felting with Norris while Liam is stuck in S.A..

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