Friday, 2 April 2010

Motorway Emptiness?

A hasty exit, met up with our minibus companions successfully in Gunnersbury to head off to Dartmoor. Traffic not too bad, a couple of snarl ups but nothing fatal. Arranged to meet with Bobbin and Neil at Tesco in Exeter so we can fit all the food in, catering for 32 people on 3 nights needs lots of ingredients!

A joy to swing the bus over the top of the valleys, seeing sunbeams shimmer on the towns below. Dartmoor turns out to be very open, less craggy peaks and more broad moors.

Our accommodation (in the background, the owner's house in front) and a massive ginger Tom Cat!

Arrive to find Robin and Marion, Bobbin and Neil, Jess and Gareth and others already enjoying beer o’clock. Decide to abandon the complex, veg-chopping, pasta plans for tonight and swap with easy pizza. Churn out tonnes of pizza, salad. and garlic bread. Charlie has already explained that we will have one of the staff rooms, leaving the others to deal with the noisy, cold dorms. Feel guilty, but not guilty enough to resist.

Our first Jess challenge, a rap ...

Bobbin initiated a game of Assassin … all those playing are given a victim (a fellow player) and a murder weapon with which they have to touch their victim, but only when nobody is witnessing. I draw Becky with a Mancala glass bead … loving it already!

Make some vague plans for the morrow, already bracing for rain. A noisy night, with assassinations already in the offing.

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