Saturday, 3 April 2010

Murder Most Horrid

Overjoyed to murder Becky quite early in the day, finishing off Neil soon afterwards with a fork. Feel very naughty as I invent the pretext of inviting him outside to help me lift a heavy box. Chivalry, if you weren’t dead before, you are now! Plan for my next deed, Matthew Gill with a Scotch Egg.

Team Intrepid head off for a walk in the rain, whilst a more indoor bunch stay inside to read, practise crafts etc. A lovely day of games, card making with glitter, learning to crochet …

… Becky helped me with the basics of crotchet with her ‘rough’ pink wool. Which, when I extend myself to cylinders, looks extremely rude. I try to fix this by creating a ball, and attempt to avoid the testicular similarities by insisting it is a cat toy (on our return, Poppy is not convinced).

Spend a while chopping veg with Marion and Kirsten, turns out my quantities are not bad (will add cooking for 32 people to my CV) as everybody seems full up and happy before we start Alex’s quiz. As always it is excellent, some great connections, music round, geography/map round. People are sufficiently rambunctious to enjoy, whilst being clear about which constitutes a full point, and a half point.

Oh, and the evening are also punctured by Jess’ challenges, last night’s was a 30th birthday rap by us both … turns out Brixtonians can’t rap, or at least we can’t.

Charlie has also already had some good games of Settlers of Catan, my 30th b’day present to him.

Have an interesting game of Werewolf, where I learn how clear it is for me and Andrew to understand each other, even in a deceptive board game situation. However the upshot of that is that when he is a werewolf in the following game he chooses to vote me off asap … curses!

Also make an assassin deal with Big Dave to swap my Matthew G for his Nik O … so neither of our victims are expecting this. Kill Nik accordingly … both he and Matthew seem peeved by this development.

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