Thursday, 23 December 2010

A Brixton Christmas Carol!

Our project from the weekend, acted by myself, Charlie Andrew and starring Alex, performed for our lovely friends Norris and Liam who are currently travelling in South America ... to remind them that Brixton is lovely. Enjoy!

A Brixton Christmas Carol from Charlie Fish on Vimeo.

Woke up this morning listening to the Chris Evans Breakfast Show (a particfular favourite of mine, having been very keen on his Drive Time show from my P&G days). Really enjoyed today's show as he was broadcasting from York, with Archbishop John Sentamu ... not only the coolest clergyman in the world and all round good guy, but also one of my travelling companions during my visit to Cote D'Ivoire last year.

Another chilled out day at work, getting some long overdue jobs done as well as having a fun team lunch. Then Pizza at Erika's with her and Theresa, and a lovely cosy evening spent chatting before returning home to lovely Fish, who had not only done a great interview but also had written 1400 words today ... I am very proud of him!

All packed and ready for Christmas and going up to Lincolnshire tomorrow ... let's just hope the overhead lines on the East Coast train route stay up!

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