Thursday, 2 December 2010

A wonderful woman and the circle of life

A sad day. We found out this morning that Charlie's grandmother, his beloved Yaya, has passed away. An incredibly inspiring woman and a loving and gracious individual, she taught us both many things about life.

I almost can't believe it. Having been to Greece almost every year to see them since 2001, and for Charlie for the whole of his life, she seemed so timeless. I am so pleased she made it to Erika & Dan's wedding this summer, to be a part of such a happy occassion.

And for her to know that we are having a baby, apparently she had been told it was going to be a little girl before she died. So now we have to be sure we are passing all those values she taught us to the new little one, making sure she grows up with the spirit and fire of Yaya Erika in her.

A video Charlie has made, with some lovely pictures of her.

Being interviewed in French, one of her many languages, on the veranda of their beautiful house.

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