Thursday, 30 December 2010

Jabs and Jobs and Japes

Caught up with some online chores before finally braving the doctors for the flu jab. I had been feeling a bit wary, having heard some less favourable comments from other people about how safe it would be for the baby, but it all went well. After an hour and a half waiting, it took 1 minute to actually get the jab.

Then, instead of seeing Megamind (our original plan, scuppered by getting the time of the film wrong), had a wander round Borough Market and met with Charlie for dinner at the Charles Dickens pub on Union Street ... very warm, not too busy, nice food.

Then back to Borough to meet with Andrew, Tony, Ruth, Wela, Erika, Dan and Alex for Karaoke at The Old School Yard. A funny place, where they had converted a small room into a lazy Karaoke facility with dodgy Chinese karaoke system to match, we had some fun with some rock classics, but song selection was a bit limited.

Ruth and Wela came back to stay at ours, first watching the 'Brixton Christmas Carol' video ...

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