Friday, 31 December 2010

A Dead Duck and a New Year

Feeling a little tense, as it was deadline day for Charlie and his novel, went to SW9 for brunch with Ruth, Wela and Andrew. Then to Borough Market to pick up the duck for the evening's festivities. Wandered over to Southwark to see Charlie's workplace, then a quick cuppa at the Old Vic before heading home to buy food and start cooking.

Sainsbury's very busy, but managed to find everything I needed. Prepped the duck, and set everything up nicely for the evening ... Stilton mushrooms for starter, roast duck with crispy roasties (and stuffing, sausages, broccoli, orange sauce ...) for main, and Alex kindly brought profiteroles for pud ... yum!!

Pleased to have an Alex quiz on 2010 to see it off for good, though I think I might have been the only one really trying (I do love a good quiz), and then we played on Rayman's Raving Rabbids until we felt compelled to see the New Year in by switching on BBC 1 and seeing a very earnest young man talk to us in between some fireworks that looked as if London has been exploded.

I (predictably) fell asleep on the sofa chair at about 1ish and pretty soon went to bed, leaving Andrew, Alex and Fishy addressing the Ravings Rabbids well into 2011.

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