Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Community minded and musically stimulated

Went to Neighbourhood Watch with Patrick this evening. They are a lovely bunch, and had laid on wine and nibbles. Good to see them again, and discuss matters of importance such as buildings being built without planning permission and the ongoing drama of how to stop people weeing in the alleyway that goes onto Brixton Road.

Was just lying in bed and, due to a string recommendation from my colleague Cat, decided to play the baby the Glee version of 'Don't Stop Believing'. And lo and behind, lots and lots of kicking ... or maybe dancing. Was great, you could even see it really clearly.

Am now watching the BBC's Decade of Discovery , the subject of yesterday's blog, knowing I can have a lie in as I have the day off. Hooray! And Laura is coming to stay, even better!!

Only one small fly in the ointment, have lost (and now cancelled) one of my debit cards. Pretty sure I left in teh self-check out in Sainsbury's, but they claimed not to have it, so had no choice but to cancel it. Sigh but I suppose every rose has its thorn!

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