Tuesday, 21 December 2010


Met up with Andrew after work, after wrestling with phone shop automatons at the Orange Shop. Popped into Foyles before joining Matthew G, Kirsten, Natalie, Charlie and many other for Christmas drinkies at the Duke of Sussex near Waterloo.

Then to Alex's briefly to preview the project from the weekend ... looks spectacular, watch this space!

Jon was due to be back from Madrid and staying with Nat, but after his flight was delayed and she was feeling pretty under the weather, seemed most sensible to give him an airbed at ours. Had to meekly and apologetically sneak into the spare room where Laura and Gary are staying to get the sleeping bag for him, felt bad but necessary!

And the overhead cables are down on the London Kings Cross to Peterborough train route, so although they will hopefully be fixed in plenty of time for our journey on Friday, there is really no knowing in 'Frozen Britain'!

All feeling like the hecticness that only Christmas can bring! Fah-la-la-la-laaaah!

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