Sunday, 3 July 2011

Beauty and the Geeks

A swim at 10, followed by a quick cup of tea with Alex at the Hive before setting off on the days adventures with Penny. Hung around to say hi to the Dungeons and Dragons crew (Greg, Kirsten and James F) before aiming for the Old Thameside Inn to meet up with the South America crew. They were getting together to celebrate Mikey's birthday and to give Rob a bit of a send off before he heads of to live and work in San Francisco. Good to see them all, as always, especially Julia who is now married and Lucy with her new baby Eve.

Then to the V&A for the 'Cult of Beauty' exhibition. I especially enjoyed the Aubrey Beardsley illustrations, Whistler portraits and of course the patterned fabrics and wallpapers from Morris and co. Penny needed a break halfway through as she was singing, which swiftly turned into a grizzle, but thankfully they let me back in. So after a big feed she slept for 2 hours by which time I was back in Brixton.

Unfortunately I was in Sainsbury's, so when she was yelling at the strain of being awake I was trying to hastily get through the check out. And of course as soon as we got outside she chilled out, though did not think to go back to explain to all of the shoppers in Sainsbury's that her mother is not a neglectful witch as they would all now be assuming. Sigh, the joy of babies!

Anyway, a relaxing evening at home with pizza as the D&Ders finished off.

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