Monday, 4 July 2011

Hosting Babies

After a catch up with my boss, which contained some new news and some older news, spent the morning baking as the NCT ladies came round in the afternoon. We decided last week that it made more sense for us to come round to people's houses as we are now coming to the end of our respective maternity pay packages.

So I spruced up the dodgy looking (but lovely tasting) ginger cake with vanilla frosting, and made a batch of chocolate brownies as they never fail.

And it worked very well! We were a little short on space with 5 mums and 5 babies, but it was fun to see them playing on the play mat, and for us all to swap babies to see how different they all are. And they are indeed very different: Big tall strong Leo, delicate elegant Clara, smiley upright Hermione, pretty sweet Sydney and of course cuddly-wuddly sleepy Penny.

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