Thursday, 7 July 2011

A Day of New Things

Decided to feed Penny after all at 2:30am as we were disrupting her routine. And she stayed pretty awake, bemused by the taxi journey and the airport. Really pleased we booked the taxi with Erika and Dan, so much easier!

Met Marion and Robin there, and very happy to see a tanned and glamorous (yes, even at 5am) David and Justina arrive with Theresa as the plane started boarding.

Penny slept through the whole flight (YEEEAAAAH!), as we all did. Arrived to find Demetris and to sort out hirecars, carseats etc.

Lovely to see Roli and to meet Aida at the house in Panorama. Sad of course not to see Erika senior, but to me the house is still filled with her … and we spoke of her a lot over lunch.

Met Justina’s Mum, Sister and Niece and we all decided to go to the sea. Penny not entirely impressed with our decision to give her a teeny tiny dip in the sea, but she soon recovered. Yet another new thing for her … a busy day!

Exhausted by the time we got back to the house … pleased to get to bed.

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