Saturday, 2 July 2011

Penny's First Swim

A family jaunt to Tooting Bec Leisure Centre for Penny's first swim. She dealt with it all very well, initially with a 'this feels like the bath, but bigger' expression on her face. We did some 'Penny, Ready, Go' splashing of the face, some floating on her back and some playing with a bright yellow boat.

And we did do one dunk ... though I was nervous. So Charlie did the dunking ad I held the little one's eye contact, and she looked a little shellshocked when he pulled her out. With effusive praise and big smiles, she was quickly convinced that she had achieved something fabulous and that she should be very pleased with herself.

Given the lovely sunny day, we took a bus to Balham where we had pizza and looked at kitchen worktops in Magnet. A lazy walk back to Brixton, where we picked up Alex who joined us for a sunny beer and a game of Dixit and Ingenious (which I never win) in the Trinity.

Tried to watch Gremlins in the evening, hoping for a retro eighties frolic. But instead it was pretty mediocre. I maintain it is good until the gremlins are shown to the viewer, at which point it is just ridiculously cartoonish. So Alex left halfway through as he was falling asleep, Charlie actually did fall asleep on the sofa, and I barely watched the end.

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