Saturday, 9 July 2011

The Wedding

Packed 3 days worth of stuff and all headed off in a convoy to the hotel by the beach. Spent our first lazy afternoon by the beautiful pool, covering the baby with sunscreen and white fabric, and for me one again enjoying ‘Who Will Cry When You Die’ (terrible title, great book, which I found as useful as ‘Help’).

Rather than struggle again without our bath support for Penny, we decided to try taking a proper bath with her. It was just wonderful, a bit like going swimming with her, as there was enough water to splash around a bit and do back floats.

And then the wedding. So sweet, so personal and so glamorous. We were all waiting on the beach in a circle as Justina walked to us in her fabulous dress. She looked perfect, and the ceremony (officiated by Theresa’s friend Rikke) was emotional and touching.

Afterwards was chatty and fun, with amazing food and some heartfelt speeches. Charlie ended up going in the pool in his suit, and Justina’s sister Nikki joined him afterwards in her bridesmaids dress!

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