Monday, 25 July 2011

Secret Gardening

Left on Thursday with Andrew and Becky to go to our third Secret Garden Party festival in Cambs. Always eclectic and fun, with a variety of music and entertainments, this was always going to be a different experience with a 16 week old baby in tow. But we were determined to give it a go, and we were very pleased we did. There were some challenges when she had a couple of screaming fits, seemingly the beginnings of teething as her cheeks were v red, she wouldn't feed and could not be calmed. But they were fortunately kept to a minimum, and she was generally happy and amused, or asleep and docile.

Highlights included:
- The upside down bicycle (see below).
- Jake Morley in the Living Room tent, whose CD we listened to all the way home.
- Cuddling Penny through the night to make sure she was cosy and warm in our big blue tent.
- Spectacular food as usual, from 'Strumpets with Crumpets' to toffee, cream and spiced apple oatcakes and an enormous mezze platter to name but a few.
- Massages a plenty
- Penny in her Tigger Suit, making friends with all the many grown up tigers

Penny a little out of sorts on our return, she was on our return from Greece too, so perhaps she is just settling back in. And now she is fast asleep, hopefully dreaming of Cambridgeshire fields, our tent of cobalt blue, and fresh clean air!

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