Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Heat and Visiting Yaya

A very hot night, so hot that Penny woke up needing a feed at 6am (unusual these days, especially in Greece). Also was scratching lots due to the buzzy monsters in the room … eeek! Thank goodness for P’s mosquito net.

We went en masse to the Jewish Cemetery to pay our respects to Erika who died in November. It was sad but I am pleased we went. We also saw the graves of her parents and also Roli’s parents. It is a beautiful place, very still and magical in its own way.

Walked along the promenade in the centre of Thessaloniki in the evening, admiring the view, taking photos and meeting for drinks with Demetris’ niece Christina and her boyfriend Nikos.

Spent the evening playing board games out on the porch with a massive moon shining overhead.

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