Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Busy Day

Had a useful catch up with my manager at 9, interesting to here where my organisation is, and where it is going ... am excited to be going back, if a little apprehensive about how it will feel to be away from P.

Then it occurred to me that Tuesday is Wriggle and Rhyme day, so rushed through porridge with P ... had a nice cuppa with Jo in the Ritzy afterwards.

Dashed around getting a set of keys cut for Andrew, and getting them recut when they didn't work.

Then, as Mum and Dad looked after P, went to the dentist.  Nothing major, but decided finally to invest in an electric toothbruth to improve my brushing technique.

Then out to the Vauxhall Griffin pub quiz in the evening for Alex's inaugural session as quizmaster ... we did not do very well, except we did win hats in a spot prize!

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