Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A Very Long Day

Up at 6 to get to Heathrow.  All went very smoothly, included all our extra baby stuff.  hey made me sip P's water and eat one of her jars of food, though I was sure to eat the apple crumble ... yum!

P only slept a little in her 'car seat' style seat on the bulkhead wall.  She has a few grumpy points and a few very happy points, both of which made her a little hard to manage in such a small space.  I got a little sleep and Charlie watched a few films.

We were greeted at SFO by beaming sunshine, and we jumped in a taxi to get to Pam's place.  We managed to get in easily enough, and noticed her bags were still there.  So we did end up meeting her after all.  She was very pleasant, and clearly had a great deal of travelling under her belt, so we were sure Brixton would not phase her too much.

The apartment is beautiful, uniquely decorated with lots of art, with a strong retro feel (especially for the 70's and art deco 20's).  Just what we needed.

We took and excursion to the supermarket to get provisions, and started to feel painfully tired on the way back, despite being thrilled by all the goodies on offer (string cheese, cinnamon toast crunch, cookies etc.).  So at 6pm (2am GMT) P went to bed, followed by us at 7pm (3am GMT). P was up at midnight, but kindly went back to sleep for 4 hours lying on me in bed.

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