Friday, 13 January 2012

Tropical Waterbeach

P and I jumped on a train to the exotic paradise location of Waterbeach, just north of Cambridge.  Actually, it was more of an English rural idyll, by the River Cam and with quiet open fields.

Was met by my colleague Rachel, who was carrying Freddie (same age as P) and Isla (3?) was in her pushchair.  We walked for about an hour back to her house, where our other colleague Marianne had arrived with Emily (same age as P) and Jonathan (4?).

We had a lovely day, relaxing together with delicious homemade butternut squash soup, and popping out to the park. They are good friends, as well as colleagues, and I hope we stay in touch, whatever the work situation.

Spent a relaxing evening with Fish watching 'American Splendour', his film from our 12 Days of Xmas.  It was good, quirky and totally disrespectful of the 4th wall.

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