Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Sick Sick Sick

Had a relaxed day, made camembert and courgette soup for me, Norris, Amy and Caroline, who were popping round before going to see The Iron Lady, then had a pleasant evening chatting with Noz.

BUT THEN ... after her milk, and just before I put her down, P was spectacularly sick.  Exorcist sick.  All her lunch and dinner came up, and went all down my cleavage and over the nursery carpet.  Norris very kindly came out to help, and after I tidied up, P and I cuddled up as she wasn't keen on settling.

Charlie came back late, as he had been out at 'You Me Bum Bum Train' having lots of fun.  I said the immortal words 'don't worry, she can't be sick any more', and promptly he found himself holding a projectile vomiting baby, with all her evening milk pumping out over our duvet and over his shirt.

Poor Penny!

But she dealt with it very well, and was very smiley after both incidents.

P was still not settling, so we cuddled up in the lounge, hopefully allowing the working souls in the house to get some shut-eye.  At about 2am, she gave up and dropped off, and amazingly did not wake in the night!

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