Saturday, 7 January 2012

Relax and Have Fun

Spent a very relaxed day with Fish and Penny.  I got up early with the little one, and then handed over at 11:30 so I could grab a couple of hours extra sleep.  In the afternoon I also had a bath, and watched a few episodes of Outnumbered, which was a v kind Xmas prezzie from Matty.  The kids are SOOO small in the first series, though it does make a little nervous for when Penny gets big.

Then we went to Noz and Liam's in the evening with Andrew and Alex for a great dinner party.  Mushroom Soup, Veggie Burgers and Ice Cream abounded, and I just can't believe how quickly the time went.  P was pretty good, though was getting grouchy and sleepy towards the end (which was late, about 1:30am!)

Lovely to just sit around in their stylish new house, drinking lots of wine and talking about all sorts ... how a proper dinner party should be :)

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