Thursday, 26 January 2012

A Walk in the Park

Up at 4am (midday GMT) when P was up, though C kindly offered to look after her, so I grabbed a further couple of hours of sleep.

We rested in the house for the morning, with me making a batch of steamed apple for P, plus a big batch of spag bol for us.

Then our first excursion out into the big city.  We walked all the way from Quintara to the Golden Gate Park.  Lots of fog meant that we could barely see past our own noses (pretty standard in SF, apparently), but we enjoyed stretching our legs after the confinement of the previous day.

We wandered through, past the lake with the far too forward pigeons, and past the Japanese Tea Garden.  Then we went on to Haight Ashbury area, with all its Camden-esque hippy shops and little cafe bars.  We stopped for a bit, and then navigated the bus system home.  Which was pretty easy, but would be hard if you had to manage it by yourself (the buses have lots of steps and are v high, so big issues with pushchair access).

Then home for spag bol dinner.  Currently trying very hard to stay awake for as long as possible (currently at 8pm, 4am GMT) to get us back to normal as soon as possible.  P went to bed at 7, so she is almost back to normal.  It has been a hard shift for her, but we have let her nap whenever she wants, and the daylight is an excellent help for keeping her awake.

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