Monday, 19 October 2009


Phew ... another challenging day at work, knitting the woollen threads together. Unwrapping the tangles and darning the gaps where stitches have been dropped to ensure a strong and colourful garment. Dodgy craft analogies aside, I am once again exhausted and drained of all my will to do either Marketing homework (overdue) or writing my book (even more overdue, yet still pleased with my 18,000 word progress so far).

Was joyous to come home and play with the cats, even Max was bounding round the house after the red laser pointer, thought his momentum might take hin through a wall at one point. I have succumbed to an early night in bed in my 'jamas, and they are keeping me company before their daddy comes home to give them supper (as he is at Go club, conquering the world one minstrel at a time).

Just had a lovely chat with my Dad too, there is always something so reassuring about talking to parents when you have had a bad day at work. Unfortunately I think they bore the brunt a bit when I was finding P&G hard, however in my current job I do wonder if the inspiring highs make the pounding lows further to fall .

Moussaka in the oven, sweet purring playful kittens at my side, a jolly Fish soon on his way home to see me, the care of two parents and the unerring support of my direct family and in-laws; I am drained but both lucky and happy.

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