Sunday, 11 October 2009

Les Petites Vacances

Just returned from visiting Robin and Marion in France, along with Charlie, Erika and Dan. We were spoiled rotten, as you will see from the spectacular dinner display shown below (this was after a few courses, some smashing wine and lots of exploring the newly refurbished annex of Geoff and Jacqui's house, a splended gallery with four poster bed and deep red poppy theme).

Robin's house has come on so far now, a true Roman villa. I think my logical mind has completely detached from the fact that he has built the whole thing, so I am not permenantly asking "so how did you do this bit? And this bit?" He and Marion are so excited about the wedding, on the brink of such a fun event. Roll on November!

I was very grumpy on Friday, exhausted from two nights of minimal sleep, along with travel and being at the end of my new blackberry (I have now found the off switch). But this meant that the freedom of Saturday was all the more sweet, watching Charlie climb trees, visiting the china shop, and selecting stinky cheeses to intoxicate Erika and Dan's suitcase on the way home.

The lifestyle out there is so wholesome, creative, relaxed and accepting, I can't help but aspire to its Zenlike peace. I do understand that there is a time and a place for all these things, but surely there is a middle ground between France and where we (and it seems most of our friends) are, where we work, toil and strive for limited recognition and reward. Perhaps it is worth a rethink, a healthy reality check. And, as Monday looms, being confident to push back on anything that simply doesn't feel right.

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