Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Philosophical and Smiling in the Face of Defeat

It is 8 minutes past 1am, and I successfully negotiated the Tube before it shut off to ensure I made it home before the engineers, mice and other beings started their nighttime toil on the tracks.

So, I am not the winner of the 2009 IGD Leading Light Award. I feel reassured, with hindsight conveniently on my side, that Tom was a clear, confident frontrunner all along. And, although I am mildly grumpy and vengeful in defeat, he was both a humble and entertaining winner. In fact, I could rarely have hoped for better company during what can only be called the Oscars of the Food & Grocery Industry, with Kate Silverton on the mike and Alan Dedicoat providing the overly excitable narration to proceedings.

Caught up with some 'old friends', some important new opportunities and some entertaining individuals, which helped to bounce the evening along (as well as the great food, and sumptuous chocolate desert). And, despite the significant time invested, I don't regret applying. After all, how many other development organisations have ever been shortlisted for IGD awards?!?!

So ... onwards and upwards ... a great feeling of support from colleagues and friends ... and a karmic message to spend more time driving Fairtrade forward than dallying with silly awards.

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