Monday, 5 October 2009

A Sniffling Cold

As predicted, I am stuck in bed with a box of disappearing, dissolving tissues and a laptop as I have now succumbed to Charlie's cold. Having survived the weekend in a state of gradual decline (for which I am somewhat grateful), I was not surprised to wake up this morning breathing like Darth Vader.

Surprisingly enough, the morning has been quite productive. Whilst drinking water, and momentarily stopping to divert the relentless snot away from the keyboard, it has been a worthy reminder as to how efficient it is to work from home, even if your head is full of gunge. As much as I have enjoyed working from the office as a sociable change since my home office days of P&G, I now see the downsides of constant distractions, indulgent Pret lunches and regular interminable meetings which always start 10 minutes late.

Kirsten and Natalie are coming round tonight for dinner, a mushroom risotto which I will not sneeze into. No reason to put them off due to the germs, not much effort for me to put a pan on the stove. It is also Norris' 30th birthday today, so I hope she has been successful in securing a dinner date at Pullens in Herne Hill [though secretly it would be great if she was free to come round to ours].

Still feeling in the throws of busyness, post the west Africa trip and pre going to France to see Robin next weekend. Alex has kindly offered to look after the cats, with limited assistance from Andrew, though even fitting in a time to go through it all with them is hard, what with 2 evenings filled with Marketing classes. The IGD Leading Light judging is also this week, which is both exciting and time consuming ... but overall a good opportunity to practise my performance presentation tactics. Random WAV files at the ready.

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