Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Stretch Target

Feeling quite exhausted after my course this evening. You know that horrible feeling when your eyes pull themselves shut irresistibly, and you desperately want to pull together any last ounce of energy possible so your teacher doesn't see your head drop onto the desk like a brick.

It was, once again, fascinating to think about how companies vie for space in a cluttered world of products and services, that attempt to address and predict the population's every last whim. But there must still be gaps in the market, for example now the nights are drawing in, where is the man in fingerless gloves roasting chestnuts by the exit at Brixton tube station??!!

So today was a day of progress and frustration, like many others. The vision of opportunity seen through a net of unprioritisable priorities.

Now once again eating soup, today with Andrew and Charlie, who are contemplating the dream and nightmare that could be buying a massive house for a group of us to invest in. Big rewards, but big challenges. All I can say is that pictures like that on Right Move make my eyes go all dreamy.

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