Sunday, 25 October 2009

Lie in Wait

Two lie ins! Count them ... one, two ... this weekend. Pure bliss, with no appointments that couldn't be delayed for a short time. Ambling conversations, trampling cats, pondering over the last ten years and postulating over the next ten. I even went for my first run in a while, hard and now mildly painful, with a couple of sneaky reststops. Need to keep it up before the fattened goose (and the rest) starts the Christmas gluttony season.

Mum and Dad were over for the weekend, staying with Andrew as we were all getting together to meey Carl and Joy New, our distant Australian relatives. Now, let's get this right, my Dad's second cousin, as my Dad's grandmother's (Caroline Rosina Julia New) brother Frederick moved out to Australia. Was a lovely meal, followed by a walk around some of the more traditional sights of London, Westminster, Trafalgar Square and Buck House.

Today met up with Caroline and Nathan (back from Afghanistan and having a well deserved rest) and the South America crew. Picked up some remaining pieces of my fabulous bridesmaids ensemble for Marion and Robin's wedding (less than 3 weeks away now!), and crammed in a couple of vital hours marketing homework before meeting Norris, Fish and others in the Fire Station for a quick drink.

They had clearly had a fun day together, with face paints and fish stickers, strangely made me miss Laura a bit and think about how close Christmas is (when she is briefly back in the UK).

Have been suffering from nostalgiitis a bit, disappearing into thoughful dazes. Need to focus the mind on a Halloween costume for next week.


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