Monday, 31 May 2010

10 km Later

Andrew and I did the BUPA 10km run around London this morning. We did an amazing job, pacing really well around the course. Really helped to have the support of Charlie, Alex and Erika T at Embankment, where we saw them at the 1.5km and 8km marks. Also the bands as you go around are just incredible, some fabulous drumming to help you with your pacing.

At around 9km Andrew clearly had lots more left in him, though I really didn't. So I told him to go ahead. However, realising that I was not far off the hour mark I decided to push it along the last bit, swinging up onto Whitehall, past Trafalgar Square and on to the Mall. 400m to go went past, then 200m to go, I was going to get there before the hour. Then my body rebelled. I had been feeling slightly nauseous towards the end, and only a mere 50m or so from the finish line, my stomach decided then was the time, no way to resist. So I was a little bit sick behind one of the sponsor signs, and then jogged gently over the line and felt fine instantly. Perhaps I ate my porridge a bit too late?

It was hard going, in good conditions. Makes me want to run more though.

So have had a little nap and a lovely bath this afternoon and, before having an early night to get to Germany for a meeting tomorrow, I will try and get my Managing Marketing assignment finished off.

Also, Andrew, Erika S and Dan came round this afternoon for some Mario. All bodes well for a summer of fun once my course if finished and we are back from Greece. Also, I have ordered Super Mario Galaxy 2 to be delivered by the time we are back, can't wait! It has received incredibly good reviews.

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