Thursday, 13 May 2010

Big warm glowing thoughts

Lay in bed this morning thinking "is there any possible excuse I can make not to run into work this morning?", and really couldn't find one (and I was trying very hard!) So I ran in, and felt all the better for it. Also got my dose of 'new politics' on the way in the Guardian podcast.

Had a couple of invaluable pieces of CIM help today, including our work web guru Tony giving me some great advice/info about web metrics. And also Andrew who gave me the lowdown on benchmarking for my other assignment. So feeling even more now that I can get the drafts finished this weekend which would be swell!

And made some good progress on Erika's Hen too ... great that all those plans have come together so well!

Andrew popped round in the evening for some cathartic Mario, and I thrashed him. It didn't give him the wins he wanted, but seemed to brighten up his mood from work.

Nice to have my Fish back ... :)

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