Saturday, 29 May 2010

Royaume Uni, Derniere Place

After a long afternoon of CIM work, had a fun evening in watching Eurovision with Alex, while Charlie, Erika and Andrew played Settlers of Catan. They argued and negotiated in the background, while we snorted and laughed and mocked our great continent.

Our scoring system was out of 20. A potential 10 points were awarded for the song (after all, it is a song contest), then appearance was marked out of 5, then the gimmick-factor was marked out of 5.

We placed Georgia on top ... seems that most of Europe did not agree, though they didn't do badly. Godo for the Germans, though the winning singer Lena was very annoying in her winning (could she not have prepared a small something to stop her blathering?). We liked the Spanish stage invader, though felt it was unfair that Spain got to sing again.

Mink also came around later and stayed over to save her negotiating her way back to West London.

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