Friday, 21 May 2010

Looong Weekend

It is 11:00am ... I am still in bed ... joy!

My day of TOIL has started well, Charlie brought me a cup of tea in bed. Honestly, it is true: you can keep your diamonds and pearls, as a good cup of tea in bed is worth so much more!

Thy sky is blue and the windows are all open. A naughty wasp has snuck in, and I am trying to persuade Poppy that if she chases it, it will definitely be her that will be the worse off. She is not convinced, so I am keeping an eye on her.

Jobs for today are few but in depth. Need to go for a run, then to finish off my Project Management CIM draft. Apparently I missed my tutor's dealine for having it reviewed (curses!), but both my colleague Nilufar and my friend Caroline (who is crash hot about the subject matter, digital marketing) have offered to read through it. So, with 2 weeks to go till the deadline, I still feel I will be handing in 2 strong submissions.

And, as it is a Friday, I think we will be joining Ant for a swift drink at Green Park after 'work'.


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