Monday, 3 May 2010

A wedding like no other!

Miranda and Nigel's wedding was just gorgeous! With faily lights, rosemary wrapped up in ribbons with the napkins, and an scrumptious fish pie for dinner, we were definitely spoiled.

The bride however was apparently suffering with a bout of food poisoning and so, apart from being present at the ceremony, photos, speeches and first dance (the critical bits), she was taking it easy behind closed doors. And her new husband did a sterling job of explaining it all to us, patiently explaining that their marriage truly is in sickness and in health.

Was lovely to see Charlie again, who managed to get through his jetlag well to enjoy the weekend in Dorset and Cornwall. Though he has been slightly delicate as he apparently bruised/broke a coupel of ribs falling off a jetski whilst in Texas. No bear-hugs for him! Was lovely to see Chris and Gay on Fri and their new place by the coast. they spoiled us with food and took us for a walk along the beach.

Managed ok with all the driving. Seems you don't forget the driving, but my inability to make split second decisions re junctions remains!

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