Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Typing typing typing

Interesting how productive you can be after a glass or so of wine (actually Cava with Chambord).

Charlie is away at a conference, and I have been furthering my assignment progress pretty well. Went to see my tutor earlier, and I am a bit chuffed to hear that I am in the top half of the class in terms of progress (smugness aids confidence, in my case). Goes to show that I am getting there ... however gradually. Have committed to getting a first draft through of both assignments by the end of the weekend, so maybe should get some more bubbly wine to get me through it.

Andrew will hopefully be giving me a few pointers on my assignment. Matty is coming to stay for a night next week, so will be good to see him.

Am a bit bored of the sore lips and sore nose that have stuck with me after my cold, but it is kind of par for the course.

Ran into work on Tues, and hoping to do it again tomorrow. It is a reasonably long way (7km) and a pain to be carrying a rucksack, though I have left a change of clothes at work so the rucksack shoudl be pretty light tomorrow. Will try and do a 10km this weekend in preparation for the big run on the 31st.

All in all, am feeling pretty perky, given how painfully busy I have been at work this week and last.

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