Sunday, 16 May 2010

Square Eyes ...

... from looking at my screen all day long whilst making more progress on my CIM. Was worth it though, have sent off one of my two assignments to my tutor for feedback, and am hoping to send the other tomorrow evening. Thanks goodness I have broken the back of it, hopefully will mean the next few weeks will be more fun and less furrowed.

Andrew and Erika came round to play Settlers of Catan with Charlie and for dinner. I did manage to sneek out for a quick hour for some indulgent (self-congratulatory) 2nd hand clothes shopping. Found 2 lovely dresses in Barnardos (one of which is just about too small, darn!) and a few great work tops in Traid, along with a short jacket for summer.

Although my lip is still split, which is very irritating, am still rejoicing that my skin is much clearer (cream from the docs still doing its job) and also (likely due to taking vitamins regularly now) my nails are much stronger, and have now been beautifully shaped to take maximum advantage.

Maybe turning thirty is about taking control of one's body, filling in the gaps and sorting yourself out to grow older with grace, elegance and refinement ... or something!

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