Sunday, 23 May 2010

Sunday Sunday

Oh, what a lovely weekend! Headed into Balham yesterday, after making some progress on my CIM, for a massage and some charity shop shopping. Came back to make dinner for Charlie and Big Dave, who was helping him with some online editing software, and then we all went to Liam and Norris' party which was lovely.

Stayed pretty late, which procluded me from running this morning. Tried to get started on my CIM again, but to no avail. So when Andrew and Erika came round to play Settlers of Catan,k I finally relented and joined in. And it is really good! Lots of banter, and I am sure would be better if played a bit more quickly, but very interesting dynamics. And I won my first game, though I think they were giving me an easy ride. Some take away pizza, and now it is bedtime after a lovely long weekend of fun and basking in the sun with Fish and many friends.

Oh, also found a pic of some baby porcupines ... it just doesn't get much better :)

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