Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Year, New Position

Thumper (the baby's name, now that she is regularly using me as a punching bag, and co-incidentally she will be born in the year of the rabbit) has shifted into a new position today, and seems to be using my cervix as punching practice. I suppose she is getting even bigger and stronger, and figuring out new ways to be as comfortable as possible in her confined (but I hope comfy) environment.

Had a lazy lie-in, and eventually got up to meet Alex and Andrew for brunch, picking up Patrick on the way. He seemed to be very grateful for a break from his endless house renovations.

Then back home to tidy up after last night, with Fish tackling the mammoth washing up pile and me sorting the lounge. Had a little play on the Wii Fit (it now thinks I am very overweight, ha!) and Super Mario Galaxy 2 before we headed into town to meet with Theresa, Demitris, Erika and Dan for dinner at La Tasca, and then seeing 'Onassis'.

A very interesting play, with Onassis superbly played by Robert Lindsay. To me, it felt very classic in style, a proper Greek Tragedy in many ways. And I felt the 'Greekness' was very thorough and well done, even if the accents were sometimes a little off. It showed the heartbreaking costs of power and immense money, and what happens if you run in such circles ... no compassion and no love.

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