Monday, 31 May 2010

10 km Later

Andrew and I did the BUPA 10km run around London this morning. We did an amazing job, pacing really well around the course. Really helped to have the support of Charlie, Alex and Erika T at Embankment, where we saw them at the 1.5km and 8km marks. Also the bands as you go around are just incredible, some fabulous drumming to help you with your pacing.

At around 9km Andrew clearly had lots more left in him, though I really didn't. So I told him to go ahead. However, realising that I was not far off the hour mark I decided to push it along the last bit, swinging up onto Whitehall, past Trafalgar Square and on to the Mall. 400m to go went past, then 200m to go, I was going to get there before the hour. Then my body rebelled. I had been feeling slightly nauseous towards the end, and only a mere 50m or so from the finish line, my stomach decided then was the time, no way to resist. So I was a little bit sick behind one of the sponsor signs, and then jogged gently over the line and felt fine instantly. Perhaps I ate my porridge a bit too late?

It was hard going, in good conditions. Makes me want to run more though.

So have had a little nap and a lovely bath this afternoon and, before having an early night to get to Germany for a meeting tomorrow, I will try and get my Managing Marketing assignment finished off.

Also, Andrew, Erika S and Dan came round this afternoon for some Mario. All bodes well for a summer of fun once my course if finished and we are back from Greece. Also, I have ordered Super Mario Galaxy 2 to be delivered by the time we are back, can't wait! It has received incredibly good reviews.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Getting there ...

Sent a final draft of my Project Management assignment through to a friend of mine today to see if she has any thoughts. Was pleased to make so much progress on it this afternoon and feeling like my aim of handing it in by Weds could be possible now.

Went round to Alex's for a carb loading dinner in advance of the 10km Andrew and I are running tomorrow. Bit sad he cannot run it with us due to his ankle. Was quite helpful to go through running tactics though ... but has led to some slight nervousness on my part.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Royaume Uni, Derniere Place

After a long afternoon of CIM work, had a fun evening in watching Eurovision with Alex, while Charlie, Erika and Andrew played Settlers of Catan. They argued and negotiated in the background, while we snorted and laughed and mocked our great continent.

Our scoring system was out of 20. A potential 10 points were awarded for the song (after all, it is a song contest), then appearance was marked out of 5, then the gimmick-factor was marked out of 5.

We placed Georgia on top ... seems that most of Europe did not agree, though they didn't do badly. Godo for the Germans, though the winning singer Lena was very annoying in her winning (could she not have prepared a small something to stop her blathering?). We liked the Spanish stage invader, though felt it was unfair that Spain got to sing again.

Mink also came around later and stayed over to save her negotiating her way back to West London.

Friday, 28 May 2010

Friends, Romans, Countrymen

Had a wonderful night out with Charlie to celebrate our first 1000 days of being married. First a yummy dinner at Cantina Vinopolis, where I had steak tartare and the most succulent duck in the world.

Then we went to the Globe Theatre, a most beautiful reconstruction of the original building. We had seats in a box to watch Henry VIII. It was a good story which we mostly followed, interesting to me mostly because of its portrayal of women:

- Catherine of Aragon - the dutiful wife, betrayed by her love (the king) due to politics and patriarchy (she had not born him a son, I believe she did have one son that died in infancy)
- Anne Boleyn - Feels badly for the Queen, but her principles are not strong enough to pull away from the king.
- The baby Elizabeth - In the play, presumably written around the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, the baby girl is celebrated as a gift. You cannot help but think the grumpy king who was so desparate for a male heir was not so pleased as he was portrayed as being on finding he had another daughter, even though she would reign for so many years.

All in all, a great evening, and I can highly recommend an evening at the Globe.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Monday, 24 May 2010

A Curious Case of the Mondays

So, after a few nights of staying up late, could not get to sleep last night. It was also really hot, which didn't help. So felt a bit sleepy this morning. Still ran into work, which does make me feel better, though it was sweaty in the heat.

Was grumpy at work though. Lots of bits and pieces are coming together at once, and after a long leisurely weekend, it is more difficult to fix them all in my head.

Stayed pretty late at work, did some long overdue sorting out. Had a dose of Glee when I got home to fix my grumpy quotient.

Away day tomorrow ... will see what that brings.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Sunday Sunday

Oh, what a lovely weekend! Headed into Balham yesterday, after making some progress on my CIM, for a massage and some charity shop shopping. Came back to make dinner for Charlie and Big Dave, who was helping him with some online editing software, and then we all went to Liam and Norris' party which was lovely.

Stayed pretty late, which procluded me from running this morning. Tried to get started on my CIM again, but to no avail. So when Andrew and Erika came round to play Settlers of Catan,k I finally relented and joined in. And it is really good! Lots of banter, and I am sure would be better if played a bit more quickly, but very interesting dynamics. And I won my first game, though I think they were giving me an easy ride. Some take away pizza, and now it is bedtime after a lovely long weekend of fun and basking in the sun with Fish and many friends.

Oh, also found a pic of some baby porcupines ... it just doesn't get much better :)

Friday, 21 May 2010

Looong Weekend

It is 11:00am ... I am still in bed ... joy!

My day of TOIL has started well, Charlie brought me a cup of tea in bed. Honestly, it is true: you can keep your diamonds and pearls, as a good cup of tea in bed is worth so much more!

Thy sky is blue and the windows are all open. A naughty wasp has snuck in, and I am trying to persuade Poppy that if she chases it, it will definitely be her that will be the worse off. She is not convinced, so I am keeping an eye on her.

Jobs for today are few but in depth. Need to go for a run, then to finish off my Project Management CIM draft. Apparently I missed my tutor's dealine for having it reviewed (curses!), but both my colleague Nilufar and my friend Caroline (who is crash hot about the subject matter, digital marketing) have offered to read through it. So, with 2 weeks to go till the deadline, I still feel I will be handing in 2 strong submissions.

And, as it is a Friday, I think we will be joining Ant for a swift drink at Green Park after 'work'.


Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Fairy Lights and Future Sights

Feeling somewhat poetic and sparkly, having made the decision to leave further CIM progress to Friday (my day of TOIL). Alicia Keys was just on Jules Holland singing 'New York', also doing a 'London' version of the chorus. Not my usual type of music, but a great song, especially good performed live.

My mind is now set on Greece, and the freedom I will have after Greece. Work is busy, and will be for the forseeable future, but once the CIM is done (and even hopefully done well) there is a sense of being able to do incredible things. Not working late too much, but investigating, being creative, reading and writing.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Square Eyes ...

... from looking at my screen all day long whilst making more progress on my CIM. Was worth it though, have sent off one of my two assignments to my tutor for feedback, and am hoping to send the other tomorrow evening. Thanks goodness I have broken the back of it, hopefully will mean the next few weeks will be more fun and less furrowed.

Andrew and Erika came round to play Settlers of Catan with Charlie and for dinner. I did manage to sneek out for a quick hour for some indulgent (self-congratulatory) 2nd hand clothes shopping. Found 2 lovely dresses in Barnardos (one of which is just about too small, darn!) and a few great work tops in Traid, along with a short jacket for summer.

Although my lip is still split, which is very irritating, am still rejoicing that my skin is much clearer (cream from the docs still doing its job) and also (likely due to taking vitamins regularly now) my nails are much stronger, and have now been beautifully shaped to take maximum advantage.

Maybe turning thirty is about taking control of one's body, filling in the gaps and sorting yourself out to grow older with grace, elegance and refinement ... or something!

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Ruby Blue Saturday

Just got back in after a night of snazzy clubbing in London ... which we never do. Got all dressed up for Erika T's birthday bash, and had a little bop, and lingered on the balcony looking at all the people milling by incessantly. Really lovely to get dressed up and to go out, but pleased to get my shoes off now too!

Ran 10km with Andrew earlier today in prep for our BUPA 10km on 31st May. Wasn't too bad, going round Clapham Common and through Tulse Hill, though Andrew needed a bit of encouragement on the conversation front. You have to go pretty far to loop round a 10km course from Brixton, farther than you would think.

Also made some good progress on CIM today. Hopefully will last till tomorrow and, if I am super good, maybe I can go to TRAID ...

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Big warm glowing thoughts

Lay in bed this morning thinking "is there any possible excuse I can make not to run into work this morning?", and really couldn't find one (and I was trying very hard!) So I ran in, and felt all the better for it. Also got my dose of 'new politics' on the way in the Guardian podcast.

Had a couple of invaluable pieces of CIM help today, including our work web guru Tony giving me some great advice/info about web metrics. And also Andrew who gave me the lowdown on benchmarking for my other assignment. So feeling even more now that I can get the drafts finished this weekend which would be swell!

And made some good progress on Erika's Hen too ... great that all those plans have come together so well!

Andrew popped round in the evening for some cathartic Mario, and I thrashed him. It didn't give him the wins he wanted, but seemed to brighten up his mood from work.

Nice to have my Fish back ... :)

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Typing typing typing

Interesting how productive you can be after a glass or so of wine (actually Cava with Chambord).

Charlie is away at a conference, and I have been furthering my assignment progress pretty well. Went to see my tutor earlier, and I am a bit chuffed to hear that I am in the top half of the class in terms of progress (smugness aids confidence, in my case). Goes to show that I am getting there ... however gradually. Have committed to getting a first draft through of both assignments by the end of the weekend, so maybe should get some more bubbly wine to get me through it.

Andrew will hopefully be giving me a few pointers on my assignment. Matty is coming to stay for a night next week, so will be good to see him.

Am a bit bored of the sore lips and sore nose that have stuck with me after my cold, but it is kind of par for the course.

Ran into work on Tues, and hoping to do it again tomorrow. It is a reasonably long way (7km) and a pain to be carrying a rucksack, though I have left a change of clothes at work so the rucksack shoudl be pretty light tomorrow. Will try and do a 10km this weekend in preparation for the big run on the 31st.

All in all, am feeling pretty perky, given how painfully busy I have been at work this week and last.

Monday, 10 May 2010

A Long Way to June

A long day today, with a big meeting at work, and my CIM class. So much to do before 3rd June and Greece. Can't wait till the holiday, and also coming back to peace and quiet.

A feeling of lightness though ... must be a good sign!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Cowpie Fair

Met up with Erika, Dan, Keith, Danni and Mattie at the Cowpie Fair in rural Surrey. Fish and I felt like the ignorant city types, who had limited cash (why, don't they take cards) and marvelled at the sheer number of dogs and horses, never mind the poopy 'rural' smell. Lots of interesting crafts, foods and animals to look at, and fun to chatter at Mattie and get her to say quack. E&D kindly made a packed lunch, so a fun day out overall.

Friday, 7 May 2010


A late night at work, followed by a coldy indulgent and short evening at home, eating take away curry and indulging in Super Mario with Fish.

Working tomorrow at the Fairtrade Festival for World Fair Trade Day near Tower Bridge. Then an evening of CIM awaits. I guess my entries are going to be pretty dull for May ... CIM, work with some running thrown in, if I am good.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Sniffle ... snooort ... splurtle!

Ok, so another cold has come my way ... sigh! It is the kind where you feel ok-ish in yourself, but your nose is on freeflow and your throat feels like sandpaper direct from the Sahara. This in itself generates a feeling of self indulgence when dealing with colleagues or one's husband, and the need for regular doses of sympathy.

Work is busy, trying to be slightly more forceful without getting myself into trouble, having more confidence in my insight and decisions.

CIM still looms.

Monday, 3 May 2010

A wedding like no other!

Miranda and Nigel's wedding was just gorgeous! With faily lights, rosemary wrapped up in ribbons with the napkins, and an scrumptious fish pie for dinner, we were definitely spoiled.

The bride however was apparently suffering with a bout of food poisoning and so, apart from being present at the ceremony, photos, speeches and first dance (the critical bits), she was taking it easy behind closed doors. And her new husband did a sterling job of explaining it all to us, patiently explaining that their marriage truly is in sickness and in health.

Was lovely to see Charlie again, who managed to get through his jetlag well to enjoy the weekend in Dorset and Cornwall. Though he has been slightly delicate as he apparently bruised/broke a coupel of ribs falling off a jetski whilst in Texas. No bear-hugs for him! Was lovely to see Chris and Gay on Fri and their new place by the coast. they spoiled us with food and took us for a walk along the beach.

Managed ok with all the driving. Seems you don't forget the driving, but my inability to make split second decisions re junctions remains!