Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Baby Days

Lots of baby activity today.

Went to see the Midwife, which went well. Although yet another different person, she was very nice and communicative. Blood pressure fine, wee fine, baby heartbeat fine. She took some blood, which hurt a bit, in order to check my blood group and to check to iron levels apparently. And she told me that the baby's head was down, which is exciting. Not necessarily permanently, which is no surprise as Thumper is a consummate wiggler, but good to know she knows which way 'out' is.

Then in the evening went to our first NCT class. Lots of south London couples, everybody very jolly and pleasant. Discussed pros and cons of pregnancy, all the extra weight women have to carry around, and how to do pelvic floor exercises properly. Very straight forward and pleasant instructor, Maria. And a nice bath when I got home, with some Glee and Charlie Brooker thrown in for good measure.

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