Saturday, 19 February 2011

Birthday Bliss

Woke at 9am, couldn't get back to sleep, so snuck out of bed so I wouldn't disturb Fish. Watched Saturday Kitchen with a cup of tea, buttered crumpets and two lovely kitties ... bliss!

Then to Drink, Shop, Do to chat, eat cake and drink tea with some lovely ladies, Norris, Kirsten, Erika, Natalie, Becky and Mink ... so lovely to see them all, and in such beautiful surroundings. Apparently an old bathhouse, they have filled the space with old style tables and quirky chairs, and serve tea in china cups and facsinating teapots. We even had some sherbert, sugar overdose!!

Then met with lots of others at Sen-Nin Teppanyaki for dinner, which was lots of fun. The chefs were as entertaining as at our last visit, with omelette throwing and egg tossing ... being the birthday girl I had try try tossing the egg into my chef's hat twice ... and I did it both times! What a miracle!

Food was delicious and fresh, though I became full very quickly after the afternoon's grazing.

Then we fortunately found an empty pub (The Famous Cock) right by Highbury and Islington tube to have a couple of drinks, and where I was presented with a beautiful jigsaw which everybody had drawn. Then back to ours, where the usually absent Azuzu responded favourably to the floods of people by being super-sociable and friendly, which confused Charlie-Fish no end!

Late to bed, very happy and pleased all the plans came together. Thanks to all who made it such a special day!

Photos will be forthcoming ... watch this space!

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