Friday, 18 February 2011

End of the Week

After work had a leisurely sort out of the house ready for the weekend. It has been a busy and tiring week, so grateful to reach a weekend of generally relaxing fun. Met up with Alex, Jason and Norris in the Trinity Arms to celebrate Jason's birthday from Wednesday, and we were later joined by Charlie, Andrew, Liam and also Big Dave!

Charlie submitted a very promising entry to the 'what should the Trinity look like after the summer refurb' competition, and it was a fun evening all round. After what seemed like infinite pineapple juices, tiredness washed over me pretty quickly, especially as Thumper was in a particularly rib-stretching place. It is wonderful when she moves, but sometimes really quite uncomfy.

So went home and happily in bed by 1am to find a little birthday present under my pillow ... what a sweet Fish!

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