Sunday, 6 February 2011

Being pregnant

I will be 31 weeks pregnant tomorrow, and thought I would take a little time to reflect on how it feels as Thumper is kicking firmly at my ribcage (keep kicking Thumper!)

I genuinely feel very lucky. Despite a couple of small hip twinges and the mild sickness at the beginning (par for the course with most successful pregnanies, I understand), it has been just wonderful. Feeling the baby move, knowing Charlie and I are going to go into this incredibly physically and mentally demanding adventure together, imagining what life might be like after the birth (I am sure I cannot even imagine) ... all of this has been so inspiring.

As I mentioned at last week's NCT class, I feel a bit like my body is finally being used for what it was supposed to be used for. After all, what is the point of having childbearing hips, a ridiculous chest and bleeding once a month if it doesn't get used! This is partly why I will be disappointed if I cannot breastfeed, I will feel somehow cheated, but i'm sure I will cope (and of course try very hard to make it work)

And so good to be proud of my tummy for once, having spent a lifetime mildly despising the wibbly pointlessness of it. I am now feeling heavily pregnant, even though I know I have a long was to go (grow). And everything all feels very sorted in preparation for both the birth and the baby, though looking forward to getting some more NCT classes under my belt and also starting yoga next week so I can get my breathing exercises sorted out.

And I am nervous about the birth, of course. But I will be giving it my best shot, keeping fit in preparation and staying focussed on just doing what is needed to get the baby out. Not long now, 2 months away ...

... and in the meantime, Elle and Marion are popping round this afternoon with Azuzu and Frazzle, Elle and Matt's cats who are persona non grata since Matt developed allergies. Marion and Robin will be looking after them soon enough, but as they are working out the sale of Robin's house over the next few weeks, we have agreed to take them in in the meantime.

How exciting!
3:20pm update
So lovely to have cats in the house again. Frazzle is very friendly and already very chilled out. Azuzu has been somewhat hiding under the bed in the spare room, but we expected this. He has been out to investigate (as per the photo of him sniffing my foot), but I think it will take him a little longer.

Frazzle, the chilled out lady

How does my foot smell, Azuzu?

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