Sunday, 20 February 2011

Hitchin a Ride

Up earlyish as we had Ruth, Wela, Jon and Jess staying over, so happy to chat and be lazy with tea , toast and choc chip brioche. So great to see all of them!

Then to the Hive for brunch with Charlie, Jon, Alex, Andrew and Jason, before heading up to Hitchin for Cat's baby shower. Was good not to have any time pressures on me, so I didn't need to aim for a particular train and could amble through Hitchin, following my map, at my own pace.

So good to see Cat happy, rested and clearly ready to pop. At 39 weeks, she makes me feel teeny tiny, even though I feel bigger, heavier and less mobile day by day. Great to catch up with her, to share tips and generally be happy and positive about what lies ahead for both of us. And she kindly gave me a lift back to the train station, which was well received.

Then back to Brixton, where Charlie was having a film fest (True Grit followed by Inside Job, phew!). In anticipation of the expectant ladies tea party we planned for work tomorrow, I felt the need to make a cake, and after being presented with the giant cupcake mould by Ruth I couldn't not try it.

It eventually came together, though took more mixture and more cooking time than I anticipated. And, what with less sleep than I would usually like of a busy weekend and having had a bit of an active day, felt pretty spent both physically and emotionally at the end of the day.

Yet another sign to take care of myself, as I now sneak into my 33rd week of pregnancy!

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