Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Ups and Downs

Slept a bit more last night, but could probably have slept the whole day through quite happily. Also had a bit of a sick tummy this morning, which can't have helped. And after a tiring day, and having witnessed 2 separate sets of strangers bickering on the Tube (probably due to tensions caused by the delays, can't people be more patient and tolerant?) I was feeling a bit sick again by the time I got home.

But, after a bowl of pasta and a walk to our NCT class, eventually felt a lot better and enjoyed the relaxation exercises we went through ... should be very useful.

And decided to try and coax Azuzu out of hiding. He is still not very sure, but hopefully he will feel a bit happier to explore now, maybe when we are out of the house during the day.

And, just to finish off, a lovely pic of myself and Danni when we went to see her in Jan, courtesy of Erika:

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