Monday, 21 February 2011

GIANT Cupcake!!

So pleased that the GIANT cupcake came together for our expectant mothers tea party at work today. As there are so many of us (7 in total, I believe) leaving over the next 6 weeks on maternity leave, it made sense to have a joint celebration. OK, so I may have pitched the 'Tea Quiz' questions at a slightly challenging level, but it was still tremendous fun.

And I overdosed on cake so much that I was still eating it when I arrived in the kitchen to find an unexpected birthday celebration for me with even more cake!

Luckily I went for a swim this evening to work off the many doses of cake, and then came back home to relax, watch Glee and get through some of my accumulating Internet based jobs.

And am now in bed, blogging away, with Azuzu pootling round me trying to do serious damage (bless!) to our bedsheets, every now and again coming to nuzzle me as I type ...

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