Saturday, 5 February 2011

A pristine house ... well ... almost!

Had a well needed lie-in, seems like there is an ongoing sense of re-energising needed. After a couple of crumpets, a lovely hot shower and some slight Saturday Kitchen perusing, made a start on the accumulated chaos that is our bedroom.

Made a good start of clearing the shelves on my side of the room, and simultaneouly sorting some well needed bits of the spare room (clearing space in the wardrobe, consolidating videos etc) before meeting up with Caroline and Nathan in San Marino cafe (as the Hive was full, and The Rest is Noise is now sadly completed gutted). Now married for over 2 months, they were on good form. Good to hear about their honeymoon in India (sounded very luxurious) and they asked lots of questions about Thumper. Really pleased to have caught up with them properly, we are all so bad at meeting up, especially considering we live so close.

Back to the tidying, and sorting out the drawers and shelves and shoes on the other side of the room. It is joyous to have such a clean and tidy room now, though still more to do. Also picked up the lounge a bit as it was starting to be a bit crazy with all the 'to be sorted' piles.

Charlie eventually came back from his Business Analysis course, and we had a lazy evening with pizza, tv and more tidying (in my case).

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