Thursday, 30 June 2011


Andrew has 'no doorbell', and I 'like boys'!

After a chat with the kitchen man and a day of catching up with my to-do list, said goodbye to Charlie and Penny at 6pm having left them plenty of milk, and joined Andrew at the O2 where he had kindly secured tickets for us to see Glee Live from his executive box.

Very comfy seats! Nice not to feel like cattle at such a big arena. And the night was fab, with a supporting act consisting of the most incredibly acrobatic dancers. Then the 'Don't Stop Believing' kicked in and the crowd went wild!

I can honestly say I have never seen such a loud, bright and peppy show, so loud that it even managed to turn my stomach a bit. The audience was also incredibly vocal, singing along and loving every second. And it was a great show, they have great voices and a lot of energy. Andrew had heard from a friend of his that the cast are staying at the Savoy, and were looking a bit tired ... not surprising really, such a tiring tour.

It was everything we were hoping for, a fun easy night out. Got back to the house exhausted and everything had gone well. Penny happily fed from the bottle, and apparently had had a fun evening of book reading and chilling out with Daddy.

I was exhausted when I got back, but felt much better ... even when I woke up at 3 feeling like my right breast was going to explode. So bit the bullet and got up properly and expressed it all out to get my comfort back. 120ml later (wow, no wonder it hurt) and went happily back to sleep ... on my front :)

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