Friday, 12 August 2011

Chaos, with a Chink of Light

The flat feels like it is upside down and inside out. Our kitchen is being redone, so all of its contents are in the lounge. From food to the washing machine, so clutter abounds. And you only realise how much you use your kitchen, to grab a glass of water or to take food from the fridge, when you don't have one. But progress is being made fast, so the black and white tiles are already down (and they really work!), and the cupboards are already in place. It will hopefully be finished by the time we leave for our holiday, so it will be quite the job to put everything back on our return.

I have been trying to get out of the chaos, so we went to the National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery yesterday. Good to see 'Sunflowers' and 'The Rokeby Venus', challenging to find the step-free access with the pushchair.

Also, finally sorted out the bike trailer conundrum, as we now have a baby support/sling courtesy of Brixton Cycles, such incredible customer service they have there, clearly the best bike shop in the world ever! And they are a co-op to boot! Brilliant :) So now we have 2 options, strapping the carseat into the children's bike trailer, or using the support. It was a bit different to the hammock style I had seen on the internet, but it is clear that it will do the job pretty well.

Spent the evening at Andrew's trying to get some washing done, though his drier seems to be a bit sub-par. Watched 'The Illusionist', which was ok and quite entertaining but not a patch on 'The Prestige' for integrity and grittiness. Then I slept through 'Closer', which sounds like it might have been a bit annoying.

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